Besides the child gains confidence in her intellectual ability by the pleasure he has to succeed.

For the student who knows what he has to do, then the behavior is different. There is the training for autonomy. 2 – Engage in an intellectual activity: The first challenge when you come to class, with its well-defined concept is to make learning available intellectually, to ensure that he wanted to engage in an activity difficult and complex intellectual. We must not rely too much on the student’s interest.

Build their knowledge in school is not a spontaneous act. The minimum is that the student understands what he has to do, he does not spend his time wondering what strategy to implement and to which we must succeed. You can call it learning agreement: we know what we will do during the lesson.

For motivation it is important to know what we will do. It is also important to have room for error, nothing is silly. We need this intellectual freedom.

3 – Choose the form to express knowledge: Importance of the choice of the first examples. Read More

3 Results Evaluation of work in college classes in: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching techniques evaluation in September 1982 Authors: Jean Pierre and Jean-Marie Executioner Notter More The Freinet is it possible to review class?

The organization of new schools scares colleagues who are not warned. The difference with the traditional school is so large that those colleagues who still approve of the spirit of the recommended methods, believe themselves unable to go that route. It is a mistake on their part.

We try to show in the pages that follow, how in the framework programs, lemploi time, despite the needs of examinations, we can continue in our classrooms progressive use of active methods. […] »Author: Leo Lentaigne Read more 6 attachments
2 Results Angle Curve 2 In: Angle Curve Editions ICEM For teachers teaching Maths journal Techniques> calculation living pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> mathematical creation pedagogical techniques> tools pedagogical techniques> math search download payable online Math April 2014 Sector bulletin ICEM Add comment Read more Angle curve No.

0 in: Angle curve Editions ICEM for teachers teaching Maths journal Techniques> living calculation pedagogical principles> natural method teaching Techniques > mathematical creation pedagogical techniques> tools pedagogical techniques> search math free download in February 2014 Bulletin math Sector ICEM After years of installation, facilitators Area math wish again to live a bulletin … Read More

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